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Heep Yunn School

Heep Yunn School

Motto"In strength and grace we stand united, in faith and love we are committed.";
in : 協力藉恩, 信主愛群
Religion affiliationAnglican
Address1 Farm Road, Kowloon
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Heep Yunn School is a girls' secondary school founded in 1936. It is situated in Ma Tau Wai, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Heep Yunn is notable for its students' high academic achievement. The school participates actively in other areas such as music and sports with many successes, such as the Bauhinia Bowl, the overall sports championship among schools in Hong Kong.


Academic Achievement

Being one of the most academically competitive secondary schools in Hong Kong, HYS provides a rigorous curriculum to all of its students. Most students take at least 9 subjects for the HKCEE, and 5 for the HKALE. Over 99% of the students are admitted to either local or overseas universities upon graduation, including Hong Kong University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Over the past few years, a number of prestisgious scholarships were awarded to students annually, such as the Sir Edward Youde Scholarship, the Wesleyan Freeman Asian Scholarship, and the University of Toronto Hong Kong Scholarships, gaining the students admission to many top-notch world universities, such as Princeton.

Heep Yunn scored 880 Distinctions and Credits at the HKCEE 2007

Major events


* May 18 - Birth of Ms Johnsione—the founder


* Church Missionary Society took over the school for Ms. Johnstone and named it Fairlea Girl's School


* Foundation stone laid


* Opening of gymnasium


* Arts and science classes in Form Six opened


* The enlargement of school ground completed


* Three graduates of Heep Yunn were admitted to the University of Hong Kong


* December - The Bishop officially opened the Junior Assembly Hall & the Library


* The closing of the dormitory


* First group of Upper Six students sitting for the Advanced Level Examination


* Mrs. M. Lai was appointed Headmistress of Heep Yunn School


* June - The swimming pool was opened


* Addition of 3 tennis courts and a volleyball court


* The garden near the Chapel & the running track beside the basket ball court were built

* The first Omega Rose Bowl was won


* The playground in the Primary section was built


* The Jubilee Building was opened.

* The 50th Anniversary was celebrated with a concert in the City Hall, Concert Hall and a two-day exhibition in the school


* The installation of the air-conditioning system was completed


* The top floor to the Jubilee Building was completed.

* The Geography Room was moved to new premises


* The library was enlarged to its double size

* The 10th Omega Rose Bowl was won


* We decided to celebrate our 60th Anniversary with a secondary-primary-kindergarten-combined concert at the Cultural Centre, Concert Hall in July,1996.A committee was set up to prepare the event.


* 60th anniversary of the school


* The library was computerised

*The official homepage of Heep Yunn School was established, and each student was given an account.


* $2.5million on IT-LAN system, 16 computers in library and 72 computers in special rooms were installed

* The Chapel was air-conditioned

* Won the 15th Omega Rose Bowl


* New curtain, lighting and sound system for hall were installed.


* 65th anniversary of the school


* Mrs. Lau was appointed to be Headmistress of Heep Yunn School

* The School Improvement Project began.


* Champion of inter-school girls' sports 21 years in-a-row


* Completion of the SIP building with the new Mrs. Winnie Man Sports Centre and Mrs. Ip Lo Hing Yuen Student Activity Centre

*Completion of Mrs. Minnie Lai Theatre

Achievement in speech, drama and music

Over the past few years, Heep Yunn has emerged as one of the fiercest and top competitors in the Drama Festival, debating region and music arena respectively. The Heep Yunn legend is evident at every aspect of her achievement.

In the year 2005-2006, Heep Yunn's Drama Group clinched 6 awards out of 7 in total, whereas the 7th award was for 'Best Actor'. They also received the adjudicator's award, qualifying them for the prestigious Drama Festival finals. As one of the four finalists, HYS's own baby production ''Love Left..Undone'' received wide acclaim from both the audience and adjudicators. It was praised as "one of the best dramas ever seen in a few years".

The drama group has clinched the top award for three consecutive years.

HYS Chinese and English Debating teams have their equal share of glory. The Chinese Debating team has been crowned the Champions in multiple prestigious Debating and Public speaking competition, whereas the English Debating Team clinched the Championship in the Bar Association Debating Competition as well as the YODAC Inter-school Debating Competition 2006. The number of best debaters awarded was overwhelming. Together, the debating teams form an invincible arcship, united as one.

Heep Yunn students have been the champion of the HK Standard Chartered Public Speaking Competition for two years.

The Inter-class Chinese Debating Competition is held every year to cultivate interest for debating among students. Each year, preparation work by the Chinese Debating team was intense and of high-quality, planting the debating seeds in HYS.

Music is also one of the strongest areas of Heep Yunn girls.

The Heep Yunn School Senior Choir captured the "Best Girls Choir of the Year" in the 59th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival , the most coveted award in choral music. All of her other choirs and orchestras, among them a mixed choir with Diocesan Boys School, were awarded the top three awards.

Most of her students can play two instruments and are proficient at at least one of them. Many of her students have achieved grade eight standard and a considerable number of them have moved on to diploma level.

Colleen Lee, the renowned pianist, was a graduate of HYS and pays visits to her alma mater to share her music.

School Song

The melody of the school song is the same as the one of another unisex secondary school in Hong Kong, the . However their counterpart uses English lyrics while at Heep Yunn Chinese style is applied.

School Song

香 島 之 九 龍 兮 , 遐 邇 皆 聞 。 有 女 校 兮 , 聲 譽 芳 芬 。

其 志 宏 且 高 兮 , 其 名 協 恩 。 振 紀 綱 兮 , 志 道 依 仁 。

據 德 復 遊 藝 兮 , 求 學 心 殷 , 為 世 光 兮 , 為 席 上 珍 。

智 圓 而 行 方 兮 , 純 潔 精 神 。 挽 世 風 兮 , 懇 懇 勤 勤 。

協 恩 , 協 恩 , 協 恩 。 萬載 流 芳 兮 , 我 協 恩 。

萬 載 流 芳 兮 , 我 協 恩 。 協 恩 , 協恩 。

春 風 喜 同 詠 兮 , 切 磋 頻 頻 , 練 體 魄 兮 , 健 我 心 身 。

中 西 樂 研 究 兮 , 學 識 日 新 。 宗 基 督 兮 , 智 理 皆 真 。

作 文 化 津 梁 兮 , 國 粹 長 存 。 倡 四 育 兮 , 德 智 體 群 。

萬 壽 永 無 疆 兮 , 我 校 協 恩 。 光 我 邦 兮 , 輔 我 國 民 。

協 恩 , 協 恩 , 協 恩 。 萬載 流 芳 兮 , 我 協 恩 。

萬 載 流 芳 兮 , 我 協 恩 。 協 恩 , 協恩 。

School motto

"In strength and grace we stand united,

In faith and love we are committed."


Dominating inter-school girls' sports for two decades

There are altogether fourteen sports teams in HYS and all of them, indeed, have reached a very high standard. They have brought home their 24th consecutive Bauhinia Bowl in the year 2007-2008. It is awarded annually to the school which achieves the "best all-round performance in all sports events".

The Bauhinia Bowl is the embodiment of the overwhelming Heep Yunn Spirit, which is demonstrated in every aspect of the Heep Yunn school life. Students take much pride in their school and their devotion in contributing to the glory and prestige of the school is unparalleled.

Interschool competition results :

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