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St. Teresa Secondary School

St. Teresa Secondary School

Motto''Age quod agis.''
: 慎思明辨
Religion affiliationRoman Catholic
Governing BodyCatholic Diocese of Hong Kong
Address 21 Sheung Shing Street, Ho Man Tin, Kowloon, Hong Kong
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St. Teresa Secondary School is a Roman Catholic secondary school in Ho Man Tin, Kowloon, Hong Kong. It is directly governed by the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong. The school's patroness is .

Class structure

There are seven classes in F.1, six classes in each form from F.2 to F.5, and two classes in F.6 and F.7.

All classes are named after Confucian or Christian virtues, which are: ''Love'' , '''' , ''Respect to elder brothers'', ''Loyalty'' , ''Honesty'' and ''Ritual'' . In F.6 and F.7, only ''Love'' and ''Filial Devotion'' is used.


The school's indirect predecessor is Precious Blood Golden Jubilee Secondary School, which was administered by the Sisters of the Precious Blood. In 1977, due to misusage of school funds and suspected corruption, some teachers contacted the ICAC and informed the students. It was followed by the 's take-over and suppression, a series of student protest and sit-ins, and eventually the closure of the school on 14 May 1978. St. Teresa Secondary School was opened on its former site, with the protestors initiated the secular Ng Yuk Secondary School.

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