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Ying Wa Girls' School

Ying Wa Girls' School is an secondary day school for girls in Central, Hong Kong. It is located at 76 Robinson Road, Central. Total enrolment currently stands at slightly under 1,200.


Ying Wa Girls' School was founded in 1900 by Helen Davies of the former London Missionary Society. It started off as a boarding school for girls and expanded to include a secondary section in 1915 and a two-year kindergarten in 1916. It ceased taking on boarders in 1940. In 1930, the first ever YWGS student was admitted into the University of Hong Kong.

In 1967, it became purely a secondary school. It is one of the 22 Grant Schools in Hong Kong. Since 1966, Ying Wa Girls' School has become one of the related schools of the Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China. It was also the first secondary school to have a student association in Hong Kong history. It is also the first organisation in Hong Kong to have the sponsored walk idea.

School Uniform

This is perhaps what makes Ying Wa most famous. It is light blue cheongsam, with silver school and house badges right under the hook of the collar.

Although many schools in Hong Kong with long tradition adopt cheongsam as school uniform for girls, that of Ying Wa should be the most beautiful of all, thanks to its unique design. It is hemmed with wide dark blue lines along the edge of bottom, sleeve and collar; and the stiff collar, a bit higher than others, is tailored to allow little slack between the collar ahd the neck of the students, when it is hooked up. The new students sometimes find the strangling feeling around their neck awkward especially when they look downward to read or write at the desk, yet once they get used to it, it becomes the most significant pride and icon of their blissful life in Ying Wa.

Class Structure and Curriculum

There are altogether 31 classes in the school.

Form 1: 5 classes

Form 2: 5 classes

Form 3: 5 classes

Form 4: 5 classes

Form 5: 5 classes

Form 6: 3 classes

Form 7: 3 classes

Secondary One to Three offer a broad general curriculum with a good balance among languages, arts, science, cultural and practical subjects as well as religious education and physical education.

In Secondary Four and Five, the classes are divided into two streams with three classes concentrating on arts and commercial subjects and two on science.

At the end of Secondary Five, students sit for the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination.

In Secondary Six and Seven, the broadened curriculum includes Use of English, Chinese Language and Culture and some Advanced Supplementary Level subjects, in addition to the Advanced Level subjects.

All students will take the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination at the end of Secondary Seven for admission to tertiary institutes through the Joint University Programmes Admission System .

As an E.M.I. school, Ying Wa adopts English as the teaching medium in most subjects with the aim of achieving biliteracy and trilingualism with the inclusion of Putonghua.

Lessons are arranged on a 5-day week basis.

House System

There are five Houses, named after the five early principals of the school:






Admission to tertiary institutes and other courses 2005

Tertiary Institutes

*The University of Hong Kong

*The Chinese University of Hong Kong

*The H.K. University of Science and Technology

*The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

*The City University of Hong Kong

*The Hong Kong Baptist University

*The Lingnan University

*The Hong Kong Institute of Education

*Studying Abroad

*Repeat/Self Study/Employment

Total -> 84

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