Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tack Ching Girls' Secondary School

Tack Ching Girls' Secondary School is a girl school in Kowloon of Hong Kong. It is a notable school in Sham Shui Po District. In 2004 The school was relocated to a new school building at Hing Wah Street West and Sham Mong Road in Cheung Sha Wan.

The school was growing out of a primary school Tack Ching School founded by Sisters of the Precious Blood in 1923 at Nam Cheong Street. It was later relocated to Un Chau Street in 1929. In 1929 the primary school expanded to secondary education and thus was renamed to ''Tack Ching Girls' Secondary School''. The school suspended its operation from 1941 and 1945 during the period of Japanese Occupation of Hong Kong. In 1945 the school resumed its operation and opened a branch in Wan Chai, which became Precious Blood Secondary School in 1946. In 1949 the school was moved into a new school building at Un Chau Street near the junction of Yen Chow Street and Castle Peak Road in Sham Shui Po with a grand opening by the then-Hong Kong Governor Alexander Grantham. After more than 50 years, the school was relocated again to the present site one the new reclamation of Cheung Sha Wan.

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